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In the hot, humid, and summer months, many people develop a skin rash or inflammation on body areas such as the armpits, below the breasts, and inner thighs. These rashes occur on account of a skin condition, known as Intertrigo. It is a condition which affects the skin folds, causing inflammation, which becomes worse when the skin areas experience heat, lack of air, moisture, sweat, and friction. So, if a person is experiencing inner thigh rash, the reason could be Intertrigo. It can get even worse if a bacterial, viral, or a fungal infection occurs on the affected skin. Inflammation on the thighs, caused due to this skin condition, is generally more visible in and experienced by obese people. Diabetics are also more prone to it.

Causes and Symptoms

Rashes on the thighs develop when two skin surfaces rub and cause friction against each other, thereby becoming inflamed and red, resulting into a blotchy rash. It may cause a burning sensation and even pain when a person walks. If the rash comes in contact with sweat, or if the thighs are not kept clean and germs build up, there are chances that an infection can develop, resulting in bumpy rashes. These could also be due to diaper dermatitis in babies.

Home Remedies

Maintain Cleanliness
Since rashes are mostly caused by heat, sweat, and humidity, it is important to keep the affected skin clean. Washing the inner thighs with cold water and a mild herbal soap, a few times in a day, helps in relieving the burning sensation and ultimately puts an end to build the buildup of bacteria and fungus, thus healing it faster. Post washing, drying the affected skin thoroughly with a towel is equally important.

Maintain Hygiene
Maintaining hygiene is very important so that germs do not spread. For this, only properly washed clothes should be worn. Also, it should be made sure that the towels that a person uses are clean, and not shared with anyone.

Proper Clothes
Ideally, when a person has rash on the inner thighs, he should wear clothes made of natural fibers, such as cotton. Cotton clothes do not cause any friction with the affected skin, and hence, are safe. Another advantage is that cotton clothes relatively cause less warmth, and thus produce lesser sweat.

Choose an effective antifungal powder or a spray, and apply it once a day on the affected area to speed up the healing process. Even application of simple talcum powder will dry the area and provide relief from burning and pain caused by the rash.

Rashes on the thighs, in most cases, is a condition that can be easily treated at home. For a long-term and permanent solution, losing weight can help to a great extent. However, if the rash spreads to the genital areas as well, it can be serious. In such a scenario, seeking immediate medical attention is advised.


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