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Millions of people lose out on the great outdoors, have to avoid family and work time due to allergies. Compared to big, life-threatening diseases, allergies seem almost benign. However, the bodily reactions to allergens can be life-threatening in some people, and even if your allergies aren’t life-threatening, they are certainly life-limiting. Fortunately, for allergy sufferers there are a number of good allergy control products available.

The first thing an allergist will do in the pursuit of products that are best for you is testing. There are great tests available to show what kinds of allergies are present in your system and even narrow down exactly which plants or animals are most harmful to you. Identifying the allergen makes providing relief a lot easier.

OTC Drugs
Anti-histamines and decongestants both can work to restore your sinus passages back to normal. There are non-drowsy formulas and even milder doses for people who get affected by heavy medications. Your allergist can also prescribe some medication that may be stronger or be able to target your symptoms a little better. If you aren’t getting good results from over-the-counter medication, see your allergist for a more potent solution and better relief products.

Allergy shots are also available for extreme cases. These shots must be taken each week for about six months, and are by far the most effective products on the market offering a long term solution.

Amazing Products for the Home
Beyond pills and drugs that can help you breathe and see better, there are also products that can be purchased to help your home become allergy-free. Air filters can be fitted into your air circulation system. These will help filter out allergens as your cooler/heater runs. There are also free-standing air purifiers that can be purchased wherever allergy control products are sold.

Vacuum cleaners now come with HEPA standard allergen filters to keep dust mites and allergens from returning into the carpet or bed after you clean it. In fact, there are many cleaning products that offer allergy relief as they get rid of dust, molds, and insect spores that may be the cause of your problem. When you buy a vacuum, mini-vacuum or cleaning product check the label to see if it is hypoallergenic.

For people with severe allergies to dust mites, the world of hypoallergenic and allergy control bedding has grown to accommodate many needs. From crib pads with encasing micro-fabric to specially designed pillows that have dry foam inside them (which mites do not want to live in), allergy products for the bedroom will make your whole day happier and healthier. Along with the actual mattresses and pillows, companies also make pillowcases and sheets to keep your entire bed free from dust mites or other allergens.

Even pet supply companies have begun to stock allergy relief products like shampoo to lessen cat dandruff and dog brushes to pick up dry skin and keep your dog from shedding it (which acts as food supply for dust mites). Make sure any product you use on your pet is specifically for pet use.

Thanks to modern medicine and home improvement engineers, we no longer have to suffer from allergies. We can deal with them in a hassle-free manner. Take steps to control your allergies and start living your whole life today.


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