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A rash affects the appearance and texture of the skin considerably. Reddened skin is commonly associated with a rash. The smoothness of the skin vanishes and it appears rough. Generally, the skin rashes are localized – restricted to a certain area on the body, such as the face and the back. However, all over body rash is a cause of concern and is normally an indication of a severe viral infection.

Causes of All Over Body Rash

This is a viral infection, in which an itchy skin rash, similar to blisters is seen all over the body. More commonly diagnosed in children, chickenpox can be a cause of great discomfort, as the illness also brings headache, fever and sore throat. These fluid-filled blisters that also appear inside the nose and mouth, turn the skin red.

Diseases like measles are notorious for bringing this unpleasant change over the skin. Generally, occurring during childhood days, measles causes the development of red blotchy rash. The measles rash usually begins from ears and rapidly covers the entire body in a day or two. With proper treatment, the rash may go away within a week. Measles is a contagious infection that can also cause body rash in toddlers. Although the measles rash is itchy, the itchiness is well tolerable and may cause slight discomfort. Rash that has spread over the entire body in babies is often the result of an invasion of the measles virus.

Allergic Reactions
A severe side effect of the medication can trigger a skin rash that may spread over the entire body. Overuse or repeated use of medications, can affect the skin and result in the formation of rash all over the body. Abuse of medicines is the main cause of body rash in adults.

Food Allergy
Food allergy can also bring this unwelcome change in the appearance of the skin. For instance, some people and children are allergic to milk. In severe cases, milk allergy symptoms can damage the skin, which may be seen in the form of rashes. Dairy allergy can trigger skin conditions like the formation of blisters that affect the entire body. People consuming shellfish daily can also suffer from this skin condition.

A rash over the whole body can also indicate eczema, a skin problem that makes the skin itchy and inflamed. The incidence of eczema is higher in infants and young children. In this condition, the skin becomes dry and scaly. The causes of eczema may range from use of soaps containing harsh chemicals, to contact materials like metals. Avoiding these irritants is the best way to prevent eczema.

Treatment for rash that appears over the entire body involves application of moisturizers, lotions or prescription creams to ease the discomfort. These skin conditions can aggravate and take a long time to heal, if normal bath soaps are used. An oatmeal bath is very helpful to relieve the pain associated with these skin problems.


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